Hydrocalypse Industries aims to help motivate a new generation of scientists.

With our video projects we hope to inspire, teach, and entertain.

NEW!!!! 25 March 2010

The Beard-ome. What is lying beneath your beard?

27 February 2010

Lab Romance, by Lady Gaga. Lyrics here.

19 February 2010

Lab Rhythms

9 December 2009

The Beardome theatrical trailer.

4 December 2009

The Beardome teaser trailer.

1 December 2009

Emirates has developed our favorite iPhone app. iLingual is a great program that helps you learn a new language (French, German, or Arabic), get around in a foreign country, and annoy everyone during lab coffee breaks. Best of all, it's free! Check it out in action!

17 November 2009

Dinosaurs, by Devin.

23 October 2009

The power struggle that raged during the redesign is over. Christina, Jake, and Patrick retained our rank as Unicorns of the Hydrocalypse. Michael, however, who has returned to his native Dutch land was demoted from Unicorn to Horse. In recent days someone has risen to fill Michael's place. The identity of the fourth Unicorn will not be revealed today, but we are ready to release footage of this person in action.

3 October 2009

Another inspirational science commercial from Hydrocalypse Industries.

14 September 2009

Here is some of our data, movies of fish with bacteria living inside of their cells!

25 August 2009

Everyone is familiar with hyperbole-laden sports commercials, especially those made by Gatorade. What people are less familiar with is that the Unicorns were approached to make a special commercial for the "What's G" campaign featuring a scientist. Since we're big fans of avoiding dehydration and Lil' Wayne, we agreed. Gerald, our resident German Austrian scientist with a name that starts with G, stars.

27 July 2009

Everything is more fun when it's a mean-spirited competition, so we decided to have a little miniprep challenge in lab (minipreps are ways to isolate circular pieces of DNA from bacterial cells). Everything is even more fun when it is culturally insensitive, so we decided to compete against all the German (and Austrian) students in our lab. Unicorns (and USA) vs. Germans, in all-out plasmid prep battle. CAN...YOU...HANDLE...IT!!!?!??

6 May 2009

For those of you who may not know, Craig Venter has been described as "The Justin Timberlake of synthetic biology;" he is one of the co-sequencers of the original human genome sequence, and is currently working on building whole genomes from scratch. At the same time, he goes yachting with sequencing machines so that he can "find cool stuff" in the ocean and "get a tan." To you, sir, we tip our hats.

Taking some time out of our normal research, we've isolated the original animal from which the current swine flu outbreak started.

14 January 2009

The Odd Couple for the 21st century.

6 February 2008

Hot Haploid on Haploid Action

For those of you that don't think science is sexy or glamorous, feast your eyes on this video.

16 December 2007

While we're not busy solving the world energy crisis, we take some time to dazzle our labmates with unusual combinations of typical lab items. Today, we present "Dry Ice in a Glove:"

1. Put dry ice in a glove.
2. (OPTIONAL) Place in bucket with dry ice and water for more style points.
3. ???